Predation attempt events on Crotophaga major (Aves: Cuculidae) and Thraupis palmarum (Aves: Thraupidae) by Oxybelis fulgidus (Squamata: Colubridae) in the brazilian Amazon


  • Gustavo Henrique dos Anjos Rodrigues
  • Ivan Alves dos Santos-Jr.
  • Lucas José Clemente Figueira
  • Mayse da Silva Malcher
  • Dilson de Siqueira Pinto-Júnior
  • Edson Varga Lopes
  • Darlison Chagasde- Souza
  • Tássio Alves Coêlho

Palabras clave:

Snakes, Cuculiformes, Passeriformes, Amazon region


Predation events are difficult to observe due to the unpredictable nature of the environment and timing, which may result in researchers and observers being unable to document them or having to leave before the event is completed. Here, we present predation attempts on Crotophaga major and Thraupis palmarum by Oxybelis fulgidus. These events provide important aspects that contribute to our understanding of the interspecific relationships between predator and prey that can be observed. In addition, we present C. major and T. palmarum as potencial novel food items in the diet of O. fulgidus.


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